Tim Henderson

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Tim, a professional based in Middle Tennessee, has specialized in the senior benefit space for well over a decade. He has enjoyed guiding thousands of families as they navigate Medicare and retirement.

Middle Tennessee

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About Tim Henderson

Tim is a dynamic professional with a track record of success across diverse industries. Beginning his career in automotive franchising, he achieved remarkable growth before transitioning to a leadership role in a religious, nonprofit organization, where he spearheaded local and global engagement efforts for a decade.

Currently based in Middle Tennessee, Tim is the founder and owner of a thriving benefits business. The original and primary focus has been the senior benefit space where he has assisted thousands of Medicare friends in selecting their benefit options. As well, he has also helped hundreds in planning for their their retirement pursuits.

Alongside his primary pursuit, he is actively involved in real estate ventures and a family-led real estate business, leveraging his expertise in finance and business development. With a passion for driving business growth and fostering meaningful relationships, Tim loves to make a positive impact in his community and beyond.


Nothing means more to me than the beautiful family I was blessed to begin in 1993 by marrying my Tennessee girl, Kimberly Kay. Kim is native to Middle TN and serves hundreds of clients as a Relationship Realtor. Together we have been blessed to rear three AMAZING children…

  • Ashley - our oldest, married to a great guy, Bo. They recently BLESSED us with our first grandchildren - TWIN baby girls!!
  • Alex - married and serving in a VA church with his sweet bride, Samantha
  • Austin - a most eligible bachelor and NCAA Division I football player - Tight End for the Liberty Flames

When asked what I do for a living, my first choice in an answer is, “TALENT DEVELOPMENT.” Nothing I pursue is enjoyed more than supporting my wife and children in chasing their dreams. Additionally, my two Golden Doodles, Josie (Momma) and Dixie Bell (Baby Girl) are a vital part of every day in the Henderson home! Walks each morning and night bring joy and needed exercise (mostly for Tim:). When possible, the “girls” travel with us as we drive each weekend during football season to see our son WIN AGAIN!

The favorite truth that motivates me is found in the Scriptures and says, “The blessing of the Lord, it makes RICH and He adds NO SORROW with it!”