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Health, Relationships, and Money. Our job is to make sure that a family’s money is working effectively to accomplish that job.

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About Lynn & Rich Donato

Lynn and Richard Donato have been working in the senior healthcare space for over two decades.  Lynn is a Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP), Certified in Long Term Care® (CLTC), and licensed Insurance broker. Rich and Lynn are experts at navigating the “Medicaid Maze,” recommending traditional and alternative long-term care solutions.  They started Senior Resource Planning (SRP) after Lynn spent fifteen years witnessing the difficulties patients had trying to navigate a complicated health care system as a Director of Rehabilitation. They are on a mission to help make challenges disappear, to show someone they have options, and that help is possible so they and their loved ones can live out their lives happily, productively, and in the best health possible.