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Is your family paying for care every month?

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You worked too hard to spend all of your money on care.

Aging is unpredictable,
paying for care doesn’t have to be.

Make your money last as long as you do with Forever Funding so you can enjoy

Care for Life

Know the best account to pay the bills with.

Funds for Life

Remove the unknown of how much of the nest egg that aging will take.

Stay for Life

Protect more money for a spouse, the family, or legacy.

We understand the stress that paying for care imposes on spouses, daughters, sons, and friends.

We don’t believe that you should have to go it alone.

Our leadership and team members have been honored to assist in helping thousands of families navigate the high cost of aging.

The solution that powers Forever Funding is the primary way that care has been paid for in the U.K. for over 20 years.

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At HonorShield we know that you want to have Care for Life. In order to do that, you need to know that you have Funds for Life. The problem is that you don’t know how long you will live, which makes it impossible to know how long, how much, and if you can Stay for Life. We believe it’s just plain wrong that you don’t know about Forever Funding.

We understand how stressful and scary all of these unknowns can be because we’ve helped thousands of families just like you. So, schedule your evaluation with an HonorShield Care Funding Specialist and start solving this problem before it gets any worse.

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