David Seitzer

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"I have focused my career of 27 years on helping clients preserve their assets and income. My focus continues to preserve assets, reduce taxes and help clients live a quality life while helping them achieve their personal goals"

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About David Seitzer

David Seitzer joined the leadership team of HonorShield to continue his involvement in the lives of families dealing with the crisis of care. The Forever Funding program offered through HonorShield opened an opportunity to serve families in a way that has not been available in the past. It was designed to combat the high-level stress associated with running out of money. Families are faced with the grim options of turning to government sponsored plans such as Medicaid or having the children pay for care once the parents funds are depleted. His personal experience of caring for his aged parents and having to become more creative lead to a 27 year career in crisis financial planning. David’s role with HonorShield allows for direct contact with families in addition to training representatives to serve families nationwide.

For David, working alongside clients is a life calling that has found him helping thousands of people and families over the years. Through personalized attention, David builds Forever Funding plan for clients that receive ongoing oversight and adjustments as their needs evolve. He lives by three basic tenants, be Authentic, be Transparent, and Communicate clearly; all of which guides how he works to help clients uncover the truth of their financial priorities. Through this caring support, clients receive more than a plan — they gain a dedicated financial ally. He believes that if we all serve first, everything else falls into place.

David is a third-generation military veteran and has continued his service following his Army deployment by becoming an Accredited Service Officer with the Department of Veteran Affairs. David founded a not-for-profit, Project Veteran Aid, in 2005 that provided access to important benefits for veterans of all ages and levels of need.  David also created additional organizations that have helped families with difficult documentation and application processes for Medicaid benefits through Project Medicaid.  Together with Alpha Retirement Concepts, Inc.  David and his staff have helped over 5,500 families through extreme situations during their retirement years when the needs are the greatest.David has mentored over 75 agents/professionals personally and traveled extensively to work with clients of Elder Law attorneys through the years.  Following nursing school, his career could easily be identified as a “Financial Social Worker" if there were such a position.  He and his wife, Lin, have raised four children, whom they are deeply proud of.  Together they lead a Community Group of individuals at their church and have lead Grief Share groups, Crown Financial & Money Matters classes often. When there is free time, they hike, ski, and Jeep while chasing over 150 waterfalls just in the past two years.

Professional Highlights

• Veteran U.S. Army Signal Corp. and 15 years as an Accredited Service Officer with the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, while serving war-time veterans and their spouses through Project Veteran Aid.

• Served as a business coach and small group leader, and mentored over 75 agents around the US, helping them with their private practices.

• Traveled across the US assisting Elder Law attorneys with their clients’ asset protection needs and Crisis care planning.

• Served as a publicly elected City of Saint Charles council member for the residents of Ward 8 in the City of St. Charles, MO., holding a number of committee and commission positions to include Economic Development, Veterans Commission and Public Works.